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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Services from SAM Softech helps brands build, sustain, and accelerate the right social dialogue, on the right platforms, with the right people, at the right time, to unlock the true potential of Social.

In order to ensure that your brand stands out on social media and creates a lasting impact, you need high quality posts, with aesthetic images, professional visual creatives, and well-written copies. That’s where we come in.

Our marketing experts identify your target audience, analyze their social media behavior, and figure out the exact time your posts should be made in order to ensure maximum engagement.

What we offer?

End-to-end Social Media Management

A digital marketing agency with demonstrated expertise in social media management and marketing, we have been helping our clients consistently reach their brand goals besides business objectives of revenue growth - by leveraging social media, driving tangible results.

We POWER your Social with our proven, result-oriented delivery framework.

  • Deep-Research
  • Perfect Execution
  • Periodic Monitoring
  • Higher Ranking
  • More Traffic
  • More Leads
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Our approach

  • Identifying key stakeholders
  • Platforms of relevance
  • Tailored social content strategy
  • Social handle management
  • Dedicated & active ORM
  • Measure impact. Reboot. Execute.
All social media platforms are unique and bring with them their own kinds of audiences.

Our Services

Our Custom Social Media Marketing Services


SEO Process To Help Your Business Grow!

The Process We Follow



According to the project analysis, we map the strategy that will best suit the goals of your business. The analysis will clarify what SEO services exactly your website needs and accordingly we discuss the strategy with you. Any good strategy based on appropriate facts resulting from the analysis can lead to business growth. If you implement SEO services without a strong and fact-based strategy then it can lead to a loss of energy, time, and money.


Project Analysis

Before planning how to go with the SEO of your website we analyze the entire project to get a fair idea of what needs to be done to improve the rank of your website. We convey the requirements to you so that you can compare them with our packages and customize these packages accordingly. In project analysis, we do everything starting from in-depth site analysis to Google penalty check including competition analysis, keyword URL mapping, broken link check, and many more.


Onpage Optimization

Including keywords in your website’s URL, title description, heading tags, and meta description are some of the tasks done in on-page optimization. It also works on the speed of your website and includes multimedia elements like videos, images, or graphics to retain the attention of the visitors. On-page SEO services make your website responsive to different devices and make sure that all the pages of your website are optimized according to the relevant keywords. It also optimizes content by adding content regularly and removing duplicate content from different pages.


Off-Page Activity

The off-page activity involves taking care of those factors that affect the ranking of your website outside the website. These ranking factors are optimized to bring more traffic, leads, and conversion to your website. Backlinking and content promotion methods also come under off-page activity. The SEO specialists at SAM Softech create natural backlinks by following the guidelines set by Google to push your website to higher ranks in search engines.


Best To Choose Social Media Advertising Services?

Social media advertising is found to work well if you are looking to increase your brand awareness.


Brand Building & Awareness

Though you can’t drive everyone to buy your product or services, the target audience will become more aware of your presence in the segment. It is more like getting an opportunity to show what your brand is up to and when you can become the best choice for them.


Boost Engagement Rate

Social media advertising is a wonderful way to boost your audience engagement rate. Creating and posting insightful and relevant content can help grab your audience’s attention and encourage them to buy your product or service.


Know More About Your Target Audience

As social media allows brands to make a personal connection with the audience, brands have an opportunity to know more about the audience. This would help you curate your business marketing strategy by targeting them more precisely.


Increase Incoming Traffic

It has been already mentioned that social media advertising can help brands become more known among people. But, apart from this, by clicking on your ads, your audience will land on your website which would result in increased website traffic. This way, your potential customers can know more about your business, products, services, and more.


Create A Brand Community

Social media networks are an excellent way to grow your brand's community. Building a community for your brand may be beneficial depending on your sector. If you want to cultivate one of the most powerful communication channels – word-of-mouth – this strategy can help (WOM). Communities can play an important


Empower Brand Constancy

Above everything else, social media advertisements can help you boost brand loyalty. Advertising on social media is a terrific approach to cultivating and establishing relationships with potential and existing clients, in addition to raising brand awareness.

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